Complete Pulmonary Function Interpretation

By Warren S. Goff, D.O., FCCP


This program generates an expert interpretation of a Complete Pulmonary Function Test.   It was written by a Pulmonologist and evaluated in the clinical setting for many years.   This is the only documentation provided for this software, although the author will be glad to assist you.

You will note that the ability to save and retrieve your data to disk is not available in this version.   The full version has these options and the ability to read a number of output formats.   (If so desired, the author can attempt to customize these features on an individual basis.)

Likewise, you are limited only to the Intermountain set of predicted values.

To interpret the data and view it, first input the results of your PFT.  [Note that the program will interpret simple Spirometry as well and all of the data need not be entered.]   Then click on the predicted button which enables your viewing options.