The Vintage Microphone Database Program
is now Freeware.

It has been used only by the author and
is untested.
You may
contact me  for support, feedback or any questions.

The interface is convenient but non-intuitive.
Explanations follow

The interface may be rolled up or expanded.
It can be kept on top as well

A database of over 300 Microphone Manufacturers is included.
One must First Select a Manufacturer.
All of the available Models are then Displayed.
Selecting a Model will expose pictures, links and data that has been saved.
One may Add, Rename and Delete Manufacturers and Models.
After Selecting a Manufacturer, one can download my personal data files and install them (below).

The Model is displayed.
Clicking on it will generate a Full Screen Display.


Selecting Quick Preview brings a larger thumbnail when the mouse moves over the picture.

Various features are incorporated to collect, find, collate and save data.

The Tabbed Icon Loads a customized Web Browser loaded with my
search interests. These can be changed and customized below.

The Skunk Icon Pulls up the Options to
customize eBay searches.
Paste the new paths into the fields.
Clicking the Titles allows customization as well.

The Find Icon pulls up a searchable database of microphone prices that I
extracted from eBay over the years. I haven't done this for a while and No options
are provided at present to add or edit the data.

The Ronette Icon allows one to enter extensive data about a particular model.
Clicking the RCA Logo will generate a Webpage
suitable for incorporating into an eBay Ad.


The Web Icon searches Google groups (Usenet or Newsgroups)
for microphone information. Often people advertise and buy microphones

The Brush Icon changes the Manufacture to Literature and the Models
catalog what I've found and saved over the years.

Additonal functional options exist.

If pdf files have been saved for a Model,
this Icon will appear.
it loads a viewer for various documents.

When links are available for a Manufacturer or Model,
The Check Icon  appears and it pulls up
the Link Viewer which loads selected links
into the default Browser.


As alluded to above, these icons  
allow one to download and install my data files and to view the
Microphone Database Sub-directory.

Clicking the Right Globe opens the default Browser and provides the download option.
I advise saving the zip file to your Desktop.
Then simply drag the saved file to the ...Drop Here... window
and the models will be installed. 

You will need to re-start the program to see the newly installed data.

The Search Icon allows one to find the names of microphones
that have already been catalogued using
This is very helpful to identify unknowns in my experience.

One may catalogue the features and appearance of your microphones
using the Run Icon for use above.

The Add Icon allows one to quickly input multiple files (graphic pictures, pdf, text, etc.)
into the selected Manufacturer and Model path.

The Link Icon pulls up all of my collected urls.
Many may be dead.
I offer no option to edit this at present.

The Heart Icon calls up the Search Hits for the Microphones that I own
or have owned.
The Dollar Button allows one to enter Market Information
and identify owned items.

Scrolling through the Microphones loads each Manufacturer and Model
into the main program where all of the features described
are available.

Various additional options are available.

The Brown Window shows the saved catalogue from

which turns red when catalogued.
The various buttons allow one to open and save files  to the models.
One may copy and paste Text directly from the Clipboard into the Models.
an automated copy and paste allows continuous input into the models.
One can scan a document,
save a webpage as mht ,
edit or delete and
capture any part of the screen.

The Euro Icon allows currency conversions.
European Vintage microphones are quite popular as well.


The RCA Logo pull up Internet, Google and eBay search Options.