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Comedy This is rotten dot com
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Literature Tolstoy Guttenberg

Directory of -pub-etext-gutenberg
Leo Tolstoy- Childhood and Early Manhood
Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database
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Ever The Twain Shall Meet


Ethical Theory; Ethics; Kant; Deontology; Duty; Respect
Gensler's Philosophy Exercises
Leibnitz, Gottfried Wilhelm - Philosophy
Native American Cultural Philosophy
NIC - alt.consciousness.near-death-exp
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Happiness Quotations
QUANTUM-MIND archives -- August 1999
The Great Ideas Happiness
The Marquis de Sade
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Edvard Munch The Scream
Falun Gong-Charpter I
Falun Gong
Mooseworld, About moose. About nature. About life.
National Helium Delivery - The Best National Helium Supplier, CO2 Delivery, Beer Mix, Helium Tanks and More
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Sylvia Plath - Poems and Biography by
The Leonard Cohen Files
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Toilet Paper Poetry and Quotes
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Composition Shareware and Freeware
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Mandelbrot Music Fractal music, computer composition, computer generated music
Threads - A short history of computer aided composition (2)
Threads - A short history of computer aided composition
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Jazz Composition and Lessons

Improvisation Melodic Considerations
Lecture 1 Melody and Rhythm
Mainstring Music- Pat Kirtley Web Site
Melody Assistant - Shareware
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My Funny Valentine The Disintegration of the Standard (Luca Bragalini)
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Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell Discussion List
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Bloke's MIDI Page
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AXON AX-100 Guitar to MIDI converter from Music Industries, keyboards, guitars, MIDI controllers, music stands, microphone stan
Axon AX-100SB Guitar - Bass Digital MIDI Converter w Sound Card - MIDI Classics
Axon AX-100SB, MIDI Guitar Controller with soundboard, AX100SB
Chords - 1000 Great Guitar Sites on the Web
Classical Guitar Midi Archives
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The Randy Newman homepage
The Sound of Mathematics
Welcome to PianoDisc - America's Premier Player Piano System
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Directory of -pub-music
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Harmony Central®- Guitar- Tablature
Matt's Richard Marx Page
Olga Guitar
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Betty's MIDI Page
Midi2Cs - High End Digital Audio Rendering with Csound

Recording Companies StoresEducation


Archives of African American Music and Culture
GMD - Music Archive
The Sarasota Music Underground
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Bob Frazier's Music Page
The Obvious Moose Beatles Page

Musical Acoustics

Sequencer Software Guitar

Harmony Central®- Software- Windows
AdB Digital Home Page
American Musical Supply Instruments and Equipment
Artichoke Music Instruments Used - Your Personal Resource for Computer Music Hardware and Software
AXE TO GRIND Music resourec Index
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Bob Frazier's Music Page
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Computer Music Journal Home Page
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Diatonic Harmonicas - Coast to Coast Music - Harmonica Lessons, Harmonicas and Accessories
Digital Audio Labs - professional audio products for for the PC
Digital Audio Labs makes the CardDeluxe, a professional 24-96 soundcard for Windows PCs.
Display cases a wall mount display case for a guitar. Use it as a guitar stand.
DMC2 - Digital Music Control 2
Dubbeldam Software Home Page
Easy Music Composer
EXP Computer PCMCIA MIDI card with gameport
Falling In Love Again - Search the Web for Sounds
Fingerstyle TAB & MIDI Collection - Page 5
Free saxophone Lessons and Music Education Resources specially created for
FTP directory -pub-OLGA at
GBase Gear Mall - Gear Search Results
Gbase Gear Mall .. Guitar Picture and Info
Godin Multiac Jazz
Godric's Patches Page
Golden Hawk Technology Home Page
Gorilla Snot -
Guitar Book and Guitar Video Reviews at GUITAR BOOKS .COM
Guitar Books & Guitar Videos from JK Lutherie Co.
Guitar Music Book - Gorilla Snot (Piano-Vocal-Guitar - Guitar)
Guitar Tuner Comparison Korg DT-7 vs. Peterson VS-1 Virtual Strobe Tuner
How to make MP3 files
In My African Dream -Lyrics-
Index of -Augusta-5806-music
Index of -courses-stross-midis_files
Indispensable Tools & Resources for Musicians - Freeware
JG Links
Joni Mitchell - Peoples Parties Guitar Tab
JONI MITCHELL ( Peoples Parties Lyrics )
Kenny Loggins For The First Time Guitar Tab
Korg GT-12 Guitar - Bass Chromatic Tuner
Korg Guitar-Bass Chromatic Tuner (GT-12)
Lara St. John - American Release of Sony Classical Debut CD re Bach
Liquid Music Network
Lookup Shopper
Love Songs - F
Lynx Two Sound Card Review
Lyrics 4 songs Franks Michael + texts, chords, tabs and official pages
M&M Entertainment Main Information Page
M-Audio Driver Search
manhattan transfer - popsicle toes free mp3 download
Mark of the Unicorn (MOTU) MIDIExpress XT Interface (Macintosh and Windows) -
MIDI and the Guitar
MIDI Guitar sites (The new linklist at the GR-30 page)
MIDI Guitar Unofficial Home Page
MIDI kutak - Carmen Ezgeta's MIDI corner
MIDI Search Engine Let MIDI Explorer find your files
MIDI Solutions Pedal Controller; Continuous MIDI Data Generator
MMA home page at http-home.earthlink
Monkey's Audio - a fast and powerful lossless audio compressor
Music Industries distributes musical equipment, supplies and accessories by Quik-lok, fatar, studiologic, axon, OX7, rock n rol
Musical Acoustics
Musical instruments history, how to play, clean, and use.
Musician's Friend - Gibson Wall-Mount Guitar Display Case (430108)
Musician's Friend - Hands On Review Roland VP-9000 VariPhrase Processor
Musician's Friend - Roland VP-9000 VariPhrase Processor (700103)
Musician's Friend - The World's Largest Online Music Gear Company
Musician's Friend - Yamaha VL70M Virtual Acoustic Tone Generator (700755)
OLGA Home Page
OLGA Search Engine
Online Review Peterson VS-1 Virtual Strobe Tuner
Pat Martino To Renew A Life In Jazz
player piano
Playjazz - Guitar
Price Watch® - EXP Computer Music Hardware
Pro Tools FREE!
Radio Station Guide
Ricky Naul's Jazz Park
RME Digiface I-O Box-Cardbus Bundle @ lowest prices buy online with a best price deal . Shop @ online
Roland -
Roland Corporation International Website
Roland Corporation U.S
Salon Technology Rage for the machine
Santa Barbara Film & Audio - Opcode products
Sheet Music Plus - Marlene Dietrich Falling In Love Again
SIMON & GARFUNKEL LYRICS ( 100 Songs Online )
Simon And Garfunkel - Bookends Guitar Tab
Sonic Foundry - Sound Forge 6.0
Sonic Foundry Downloads
Sound recording tools Total Recorder - captures any audio from the Internet, records audio from CD, microphone, line-in, conve
Steve S Music Links Page
Sympatico Feature - Lara St. John
Synthesizer info at
The Computer Music Project Software
The Major 3rd Tuning
The Obvious Moose Beatles Page
The Randy Newman homepage
The Sound of Mathematics
The Wirething Guitar Pick
The Woodwind Fingering Guide - Online fingering charts for flute, piccolo, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, recorder, tin wh
Ty Ford Audio & Video.html
Visit Terrapin Tapes for Cassette Tape, DAT Tape, DAT Decks, Accessories and More - WAV Archive Sound F-X Household Bathroom WAV Sound Clips
Web Events
Welcome to PianoDisc - America's Premier Player Piano System
Welcome to The Blue Oyster Cult
Welcome to the Online Archive of Guitar Links
Wes Montgomery Guitar Tabs and Transcriptions
winmix -
Yahoo! Groups vg-8 Messages 10071-10100 of 17717
Yamaha WX5 Wind MIDI Controller



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1980s Dumble Overdrive Special Amplifier
707 New Horizons
Acoustic Guitar Amplification
Acoustic Guitar Central Artist Gear Picks
Auctions U - Musical Instruments - Pro Audio
Audio Playground Main Page
Bilhorn Folding Organ Style K
Buscarino Guitars Master Luthier or Archtop Jazz Guitars
Buy Organ at Buyers Universe, featuring thousands of Musical Instruments, Keyboard, Piano, Organ, and other products at discoun
C. F. Martin & Co., Inc (2)
C. F. Martin & Co., Inc
Canadian Music Discussion Forum, Canada Concerts & Concert Listings, - Classical, Jazz & Acoustic - - Dvorak Bag
Chords of a Major Key - Triads & Sevenths
Chrysalis Inflatable Guitar
Comins Guitar Specifications
Conn's Wonder Portable Folding Reed Organ
Dancing Cat Records About Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar
Directory of -pub-mirror-guitar Seller List juvs
Electronic Music Interfaces
Enter Buscarino Guitars
Equal Temperament
Estey Portable Reed Organ
Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar with Clif Kuplen
Frank Zappa MIDIs
Free Classified Ads - Guitar Musician
FTP directory -pub-OLGA at
Gerald Ross MIDI Cha-Cha, Swing, Fingerstyle Guitar, Blues, Mambo & More!
GR 707
Great Works I
Guitar Amplifier Blueprinting
Guitar Auction (, Vintage & Used guitars by Martin, Gibson, Fender, Takoma, etc.
Guitar Center - The Nation's Largest Musical Instrument Retailer Events Interviews
Guitar Center - The Nation's Largest Musical Instrument Retailer
Guitar Chasers Adjust Intonation, Action
Guitar Chord Buster
Guitar Chords - A free graphical display of guitar chords
Guitar Notes Welcome
Guitar Parts and Accessories - WD Music Products
Guitar Salon International
Guitar Synthesizers
Guitar Tab Universe - Hendrix Jimi - Little Wing 3
Guitar4u Home
guitargeek Roland GR-707 Midi - Electric Guitar
Guitars disposed of - Home of Guitar News Weekly & the 2000 Guitars Database
Harmony Central® Guitar Instruction
Harmony Central® MIDI Software Development Tools
Harmony Central® OLGA Index LEONARD COHEN
Harmony Central® Turbocharge Yamaha's VL70-m
Harmony Central® Windows Software Guitar Software
Harmony Central®- Guitar- Tablature
In My African Dream - MP3 - Johnny Clegg
Index of -ag-amp
Introduction to Non-Vintage Collectible Fender Stratocasters, Setting the Stage for the 80s
it's hard to sleep with the music so loud by Joshua Garr - Clay, 2001
JAZZ GUITAR IMPROVISATION, In ONE Lesson! Improvise Jazz Guitar in Harmonic Styles of Coltrane & MIles. Jazz Guitar Harmony dep
Jazzguitarworkshop - Guitars & Gear
Joe's Guitar Method
JustJazz Discussion List Re Guitar Chord Systems
Kelly Industries - GIBSON SERIAL Numbers
LAHAINA MUSIC, The best in Guitars, Ukuleles and Equipment. Located on the island of Maui
Little wing, Hendrix Jimi, tablature, tablatures, partition, partitions, magic-tab, tab, tabs
MIDI and the Guitar
MIDI Guitar sites (The new linklist at the GR-30 page)
MIDI Guitar Unofficial Home Page
MIDI Search Engine Let MIDI Explorer Find Your Files
MIDI Technical Fanatic's Brainwashing Center
Mostly Music
Musical Instruments - Auctions
Musical Instruments - Buy Online at eBay
Musical Instruments
Musical Patterns
Musichotbid brings you auctions from guitars to orchestral instruments to hard to find music gear - it's the largest music auct
Musician's Friend - Yamaha MU15 TONE GENERATOR (701399)
Nutty's memorial page
Oberwerk Corporation - Home of Guitar Workshop
Olga Guitar
OLGA Home Page
Parts Sources for Ampex Buffs
Patchman Music Yamaha VL70-m Soundbanks
Pignose Hog20 Recharging Portable Guitar Amplifier
PRIDE ShowPlay MIDI File Player for Musician - HOME
Re beginner guitar synth questions FAQ
Robby's Lyrics Collection - site v2.80
Roland G707 ++
Sax on the Web Vintage Saxophones by Pete Hales Stencils and Second Line Models
See the Guitar fretboard as 1 shape in each key
Software for Just Intonation
Squier's Guitar Guild
St. Barths Online - Lignum Vitae
Surf Pick - Finest materials, design and craftsmanship Lignum Vitae from SURFPICK
Synthony's Synth & Midi Museum
Thailand Musical Instruments
The 13th Fret Acoustic Guitar Discussion Forum
The Serious Guitarist
Tips for a midi sequence realization
Topless Guitar Online Magazine - Guitar Lessons
Translated version of
Vintage Guitar® magazine Classifieds
Vintage Saxophone Gallery
Virtual Sound Sheets at Audio Playground
Virtual Yamaha G10 Demo Sound Sheet
VL70m Expert Editor
Welcome to Digital Music World - by Yamaha - -the_gallery-pierret-model6-alto-silver-6939-wernfrid_pieke-
Yahoo! Groups QY70
Yamaha Blem VL70M Virtual Acoustic Tone Generator here
Yamaha G10
Yamaha VL70M Virtual Acoustic Tone Generator -

Visual Basic

Controls Text Wordpro & ActiveX

Internet ActiveX Controls--Samples


3d Graphic Tools
Component Graphics, Inc. #2
Component Graphics, Inc.
ImageFX Home Page
Virtual Reality Lab Home Page

Help Writers

VB HelpWriter!

Teletech Systems Home Page


HandiLinks To Visual Basic
Sonny's Visual Basic Home Page


Computer Telephony Product Group, Artisoft, Inc.
Dialogic WorldView -- Making Computer Telephony Happen
Directory of -members-stylus

Developer's Resource Guide
For Developers Only
Visual Basic SourceSite

VBxtras, Inc. Home Page
Ventana Software Archive- Programming- Visual Basic

Ask the VB Pro - Welcome!
Bill's Net World
Jeff Ross' Home Page
The Phil Weber Home Page

Magazines Tips & Tricks - Ask the VB Pro - VBScript Gallery
The Toolbox
VB Online Magazine #2
VB Online Magazine
VB'ers Electronic Magazine
VBASIC Section

Users Groups

Australian Visual Basic


Australian Visual Basic
Home Page Software Inc.
Learn Visual Basic
Netopia- Timbuktu Pro for Windows 1.1 FAQ
Obi's VB Links
Sax Software Corporation
Tom's Visual Basic Page
VBnet, The Visual Basic Developers Resource Centre Home
Visual Basic -- Free Visual Basic Software & Advice
Welcome to Jin Hui's Home Page
Black Dirt Software
Chris & Tim's RAD Web Site- Visual Basic 3.0 File Archive
DynaZIP Zip Unzip OCX VBX DLL ActiveX VCL Library, Active Delivery Self-Extract Toolkit, and Collage Screen-Capture from
Software Ideas Home Page
Stadtech Inc.Customized Software Programming
Tan KM Home Page

Visual Basic Samples

DoDi's Homepage
MS Visual Basic Developer Tools
Welcome to Desaware

Media Cybernetics Image Analysis Home Page
Programmer's InfoPage

Vbasic Voice

Ron's Pilot Palmtop Info Page
True BASIC Information Center
VBnet Developer's Resource Centre Home
YABASIC, yet another basic for Unix and Win95

Crescent QuickPak Scientific
Microcal Origin Curve Fitter Example
Statistics Software Duke
Visual Basic Island


ActiveX Internet Components for VB - FTP, Telnet, SNMP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, MIME, TCP, UDP, RAS, VT, VT320, VT220, HTTP, HTTP-S,
Chris & Tim's RAD Web Site- Visual Basic 3.0 File Archive
Debriefing meta search engine- fast and accurate!
File Library at Channel 1- Visual BASIC
Harmony Central® MIDI Software Development Tools
Internet Resources for Windows Developers
Mabry Software's Home Page
Media Cybernetics Image Analysis Software - Home
Mutek-Bugtrapper-troubleshooting software solution for software developers
PowerTCP FTP Tool - FTP ActiveX (ATL) Controls for Visual Basic, VB, ASP, Delphi, PowerBuilder, Visual C++, C++ Builder applica
Sample Code - Visual Basic
Simtel.Net Worldwide Shareware and Freeware Software Distribution Network
The Phil Weber Home Page
The Programmer's File Format Collection
Utility Programs with Visual Basic Source Code
VB Demo Projects - free downloads for VB developers!
VB Helper How To Advanced - Free Visual Basic Programming Downloads
Visual Basic 5.0 Service Pack 3 - Visual Basic - All languages
Visual Basic Online Magazine
Visual Basic Programmers Journal
Visual Basic Web Sites
Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 3 Download
Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 3
Welcome to the home of the XPLOITER - Visual Basic source Code
Welcome to the WinSite(tm) Archive!
Zip Unzip ActiveX control OCX VBX VCL DLL component data compression library with ASP Active Server Page support

Languages & Country


(Mandarin text-to-speech
- Dictionary
21CN Dictionary - English Chinese electronic dictionary
A Review of Chinese Word Lists Accessible on the Internet
Any Chinese Character
Art of China - Learn Chinese
Audio Functions
Beijing Travel Information
Bilingual Dictionaries, from English
China's Activities in the Field of Human Rights
CHINESE (EXPORT) COMPANIES Links Page, China Foreign Trade
Chinese at Wake Forest University, East Asian Languages and Literatures
Chinese Character Data
Chinese Character Dictionary
Chinese Character Flashcards
Chinese Characters and Culture
Chinese Characters Dictionary Web
Chinese children's learn to write Chinese charactors, writing chinese, how to write Chinese words, Learning to write Chinese ch
Chinese Cultural Studies The Chinese Language and Pronunciation
Chinese Culture Mandarin
Chinese Hand Writing Strokes
Chinese Japanese Korean software - KEY 2002 Multimedia
Chinese language online courses study
Chinese learning basics - Characters
Chinese Lessons, Tips Mandarin, Cantonese, Pinyin Writing alphabet..
Chinese Machine Translation
Chinese Multimedia Tutorial
Chinese Pinyin
Chinese Pronunciation Guide
Chinese software and Japanese software. Learn Chinese or learn Japanese with software from EuroAsiaSoftware.
Chinese Software Superstore -- Largest Chinese Software On-Line Store
Chinese Software, Japanese Software and Korean Software by NJStar
Chinese Translation Software LogoMedia Translate Chinese. Translate Chinese to-from English.
Chinese Waterworld
Chinese, Pinyin, English Translations
Chinese-English dictionary
Chinese-English Online Dictionary
Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Houston
Create Chinese GIFs
Easy Guide (EG)
English Chinese Dictionary
ESAURUS Online English-Chinese Medical Dictionary (Wong Kia Boon)
Free Chinese dictionary
Harvard Chinese Language Program
Jennifer's Page of Links Language Resources - Asia and Australia
KryssTal Writing - Chinese
ktmatu - All-In-One Page CEDICT Chinese-English Dictionary in traditional Chinese
Language HANDHELD Electronic Dictionary CHINESE ENGLISH Vice Versa Talking Pocket Translator Speaking Organizers Travel to Chin
Learn Chinese. Get the Chinese language advantage in Mandarin and Cantonese!
Learn Chinese
Learning Chinese Online Page
Mandarin Lessons
Marjorie Chan's ChinaLinks (Homepage). []
Master List of Characters - Chinese (Cantonese) Help sheets
Most prolific Chinese writers
Ocrat Chinese Pages
On-line Chinese Tools
One Thousand Word List
Online Mandarin Chinese Course. Chinese Writing, Pronunciation and more
Palm CEDICT - AW English-Chinese Dictionary 1.3.5 - Product ID 38274
Penpower Chinese OCR V.3.1 Bi-Dir translation
Pinyin - Chinese characters pronunciation
Pinyin - Wikipedia
PinYin and BoPoMoFo ZhuYin Equivalence
Pinyin--Chinese phonetics
Pleco Software Incorporated
Pride and Prejudice(Eng-Chi)
Pronunciation of English and Mandarin Chinese
Quia - Flashcards - IC Lesson 12 Chinese pinyin-English
Reading and Writing Chinese Characters and Pinyin on the Web Using Unicode
Robert's Page
State Offices USA
SYSTRAN - Information and Translation Technologies
The Complete Guide to Chinese Language Computing
The Fool's Workshop
The Pronunciation of Mandarin Pinyin
TransWiz PRO 6.0 Chinese Translation
Word97 Chinese Input Macro
Writing Chinese Under Windows 2000 Professional-XP
WWW Audio Tutorial of Basic Chinese
Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun (ZBOHY), Home Page
ZZTECHS CJKOS - China reportedly blocks Google access - September 2, 2002


1 Source Translations will translate to and from English, Russian, Ukrainian
Accurate Russian-English Translation Services
All about Russia and St.Petersburg and Online Travel Store
An On-line Russian Reference Grammar
Applying for U.S. nonimmigrant visas in Moscow
B-2 Tourist Visa - INS Form I-539, I-134, OF 156 - Immigration and Naturalization Service Kit
Basic English Page
Basic Russian Language - Russian For Beginners - Home Page
Comprehensive Saint Petersburg, Russia Hotel Reviews
Context-Online translate
Current local time in Saint-Peterburg - Russia
Czars Lobby
Dictionary List
Eastern Europe Travel
Easy English for Russians
Elan Text to Speech Technology - sounds write to me!
English for Russian Speakers
English Russian dictionary of idioms
Escorted St. Petersburg tours Russia Travel Guide
ESL Pronunciation Work
existentialism and Fyodor Dostoyevsky by Katharena Eiermann, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Dostoyevsky, philosopher, Jewelry and Diamonds Online - Home Page, Jewelry and Diamonds Online - Jewelry Ruby
Foreign language Courses, Foreign language Programs and Foreign language Cassettes
Foreign Language Translation Services Available Free on the Internet
Free Legal Advice in 100+ Law Topics
Free online dictionaries, machine translation system
Free Online Dictionaries, Online Translator, and Virtual Web Storage
Free Translation Online
FREELANG - Free Dictionaries to download and Free Human Translation - Free Translation from English to Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Norwegian
Freeware & Shareware download - Luciano Antonio Siqueira
Global Phone Cards Best Deals for International Calling
Herbalife Russia What's New at Herbalife International
IBM Login
ICQ and AIM Translator Translate Instant Messages
INS Experts - Prepare your US Immigration, Green card, Citizenship Application online
Intermeet - wholesale airline tickets
International Divorce Law Office at Morley & Trager
InterTran - translation result
K-1 Fiance(e) Visa
K1 Fiance Visa
Language Exchange - practice foreign languages
Language Exchange Community - Learn English, French, Spanish - practice foreign languages
Language Sites
Language Study Abroad Programs Russian IMMIGRATION
Learn Russian Language - Beginning to Advanced Russian
Live dictionary
Live Radio and Television from Russia - Streaming Audio and Video
Live Russian Language Radio and Television - Real Audio
Lora's Supplementary Dialogs to Beginning Russian
marriage abroad
Marriage Agency ARCADIA SAINT-PETERSBURG - Russian women looking for love and marriage, foreign brides
Moscow airport transfers and St. Petersburg airport transfers, personal driver service and car tours -- WayToRussia.Net Guide t
Moscow Hotels Guide Hotels of Moscow
Moskva (Moscow) Hotel (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Moskva - hotel Moscow
Multilingual Word Processors - Multilingual Word Processing Aids
My Russian Course
NorthStar Solutions' Home Page
NSW Health - Multicultural Health Communication Service Home Page
Oleg Melnikov's Home Page
OneLook® Dictionaries
Online Bilingual Library of Russian Literature
Online dictionary English - Russian Dictionary of Slang
Online dictionary
ORDER # 41121022719869 SUMMARY - FlowersUSSR
Original St. Petersburg Russian Tours - Russian Tours, St.Petersburg Tours, Travel Services, Tour Packages, Accommodation, Apar
Paragon MicroComputer Devices
ParaLink Home
Petersburg CITY - Guide to St. Petersburg, Russia
PROMT's Online Translator
Red Stars Travel  Agency - Prefered Site Of The Russian Consulate General
Rossijskaya Gazeta
Russia - daily news and current events
Russia's Weather - Moscow Region
Russia's Weather Forecast - Cities
Russian Detective - Russian Mail Order Brides Background Checks And Scams Investigations
Russian Dictionaries & Online Translation
Russian Travel . NET Travel to Russia know-how - from a western tourist
Russian-English Magazine!!!
Russian-English-Russian software dictionaries. Word translation and reverse translation in Russian-English-Russian Language Tea
Russify Windows Russify applications by replacing system fonts
Russion Alfabet
Russky IMG align=absmiddle SRC=-languages-russian-for_trav.gif width=108 height=15 alt=dlya turistov (English)
Russnet Learn
Save your money! Cheap telephone calls, faxes, Internet telephony etc. = Cheap phone services
Say I love you in Russian!
Speaking Mouse Russian Text-to-Speech Synthesizer
Spoken American English
T.A.T.U - Lyrics
TDS; Passports, Visas, Travel Documents
The Alternative Dictionaries
The Alternative Russian Dictionary
The Avalon Project Modern Customs and Ancient Laws of Russia
The Institute for Language, Speech and Hearing
The Role of Politics in Contemporary Russian Antisemitism by Betsy Gidwitz
The Russian Scorpions Home Page
The Virtual CALL Library English
Times Around the World - Moscow - Moscow+00 - west Russia , Russian Federation
Top Stories - The St. Petersburg Times. General news from St.Petersburg and Russia
translatortips freelance translators bulletin board
Travel Select Home Page
Unicode and multilingual editors and word processors for Windows
Union of Councils for Soviet Jews Antisemitism and extremist groups
University of Arizona Computer Aided Language Instruction Group
USINS Internet Home Page
Welcome to Jewelry
Welcome to Moscow Guide!
Why wait Call the ladies right now!
Windows NT Workstation 4.0b fonts
WorldLingo WorldLingo Translator
Yamada Language Center Russian Fonts o Slavic Languages

43 Things
A Collection of Humor in Chinese
A dictionary for the Pinyin Language of Chinese
A Review of Chinese Word Lists Accessible on the Internet
A Salute to Game Shows - Wheel of Fortune - How to Play Wheel of Fortune
A Salute to Game Shows - Wheel of Fortune
Ailanto Esperanto Indekso 0a
All Dictionaries all languages - listing - Webster - Word Search - World - English - Language worldwide - Spanish - Italian - G
AltaVista's Babel Fish Translation Service
An On-line Russian Reference Grammar
Ancient Chinese zither auctioned at record price
Applying for U.S. nonimmigrant visas in Moscow
B-2 Tourist Visa - INS Form I-539, I-134, OF 156 - Immigration and Naturalization Service Kit
BabelStone Software BabelMap (Unicode Character Map Utility for Windows)
Basic English Page
BBC Languages - Real Chinese - For starters
BestPrices.Com Games - Wheel of Fortune $19.78
Brief exposure to Mandarin can help American infants learn Chinese
Call China from USA - China Phone Card - Cheap Calling Rate International Phone Cards
CBBC - China Guide - City Guides - Harbin
Chih-Hao Tsai's Home
China Prepaid Phone cards
China Tour of Hong Kong- Guilin- Shanghai- Wuhan- Yangtze River Cruise- Chongqing- Xian- Beijing
China West Exchange - Index
chinadaily community
Chinese - The Translation Guide
Chinese big5 annotator advanced form
Chinese Character Data
Chinese Character Dictionary
Chinese Characters and Culture
Chinese Chat
Chinese chats and forums and newsgroups and maillists
Chinese Encoding Converter
Chinese Festivals and Holidays from Chinese Almanac - Farmer's Calendar
Chinese homophones
Chinese Input
Chinese Language & Culture Forum
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U.S. Patent Law
A Citizen's Guide On Using The Freedom of Information Act And The Privacy Act Of 1974 To Request government Records - hosted by
ACLU Press Release 08-11-00 -- Civil Rights Groups Support Dr. Wen Ho Lee Legal Defense; Seek Information on Anti-Asian Bias i
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ibTHE ROYAL COURT-b-i br Florida's Sixth Circuit
IMMIGRATION American Immigration Center Do-it-Yourself Immigration Fiance(e) Visa Package
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Logan does it again
Logan ethical issues
Maimed Girl Will Get Millions From Retailer From The Tampa Tribune
marriage abroad
Melvin and Betty Sembler Straight founder Ambassador Melvin Sembler's scheme to get US taxpayers buy a $113 million mansion in
MSA Phalanx Gas Mask- Advantage 3200 & Response Escape Hood (RS10)
NHeLP Racial-Cultural Issues Page
Nolo's Deposition Handbook - Summary - Law Store - Nolo
Northpinellas Wife files for divorce against former judge
Office of the State Attorney
Office on Violence Against Women
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Perspective Legal aid to low-income residents
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Privacy - The World's Greatest Links to Privacy Sites
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Red Stars Travel  Agency - Prefered Site Of The Russian Consulate General
Representing Yourself in Court
Russian Detective - Russian Mail Order Brides Background Checks And Scams Investigations
Russian Travel . NET Travel to Russia know-how - from a western tourist
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Astatic - World Famous Radio Microphones
Astatic JT30 Microphone


PSW Recording Forums Fletcher = Tell me of your love for Beyer m160's for I wish to get me some!


Lifetime Carbon Mike
Ring Mount Carbon Microphones-Page 1


Geloso Double Ribbon Mic
Geloso story
Microphone Geloso .html


5 Sonic - Microphones
A really easy way to make top quality audio-video cables.
All you wanted to know about but never bothered to ask ... -
Automatic Electric Europe
Champlain Valley Speaker Company
Digital Recorders
eBay Store - Ramsey Electronics Direct AM FM Broadcasters, Video Cameras Accessories, and Hobby Kits - Radio, Radio Television Telephony, Collectables, Transistor items at low prices
Ed Pettersen -
Electrical Audio - Equipment - microphones
Funky Junk
GL1K Microphone Input Tester
Hoe maak ik zilverkabels
Home Recording Connection - Tips and News
How to Make Cables
HwB Connector Menu
HwB The Hardware Book
Internet Sound Institute - Cable Repair
Its and recording s.htm
Josephson Engineering Microphones
Lawson Microphones
M-AUDIO - Luna
Making Mics Better a Practical DIY Project, by Scott Dorsey
Manufacturers links - R -
Military Microphones & Handsets
Mojave Audio
Neutrik At Parts Express
peter drefahl musik-sprache-technik
Posthorn Schoeps 50th Anniversary
Presonus TubePre FREE SHIPPING -
Shavano Music Online - Do It Yourself Construction Articles
Shavano Music Online - Making XLR Cables
Socapex - entertaintement connectors for stage lighting, audio, SL61 19 pins
Sonic Circus Pro Audio
Studio-Mikrofone, Studioequipment und Audio Hi-Fi
The Cumberland Gap Broadcasting Company
The educational encyclopedia, cables and connections
The JT30 Store
The Sound Room - more for your mic and pro audio dollar! - Home
Thomas Distributing - CB Microphones Parts
Translated version of
Translated version of
Translated version of
Translated version of
Van den Hul Connectors and Accessories
Vintage Microphones 1950's 50's Elvis style Deco Antique Used Mics sale microphone Shure RCA Turner Webster Rauland American As
vintage microphones a. repair, klassische Mikrofone u. Reparatur
Welcome To The Reverse Time Page


Gefell - the original hand-made German microphone
Michael Hartkopf's Microphone Database


eBay item 3721802211 (Ends May-08-04 222557 PDT) - Oktava MKL2500 Tube Condenser Low Reserve!
JRRShop - Oktava MK012 Small Diaphragm Condenser
Mojo Pie -- Review of Oktava MK012 MC012 small condensers
Oktava Microphones - ML52, MK012, MK219, MK319, MKL2500, MKL5000
Oktava MK219, pre 1993 invasion, selected models from 1989
Oktava MKL2500
Unofficial Muzeum of Oktava factory and microphones


Press Clips
RCA & Western Electric Microphone Documentation
RCA Microphone Catalog
RCA to XLR Cables
RCA Type 44-A Velocity Ribbon Microphone for sale!




AEA - Ribbon Mics and More,
Beyer M500 or Sank'ed M500-dx
Field Test AEA R84 Ribbon Microphone
Replacing the ribbon in a ribbon microphone
Royer Labs Ribbon Microphones




ProSoundWeb Shure A Long Journey That Continues To Pick Up Steam
Shure Knowledge


...regarding varieties psychoacoustic noise
Discover Circuits - Microphone Circuits
Discover Circuits - Testers or Instruments
Educational Materials
Historical receivers diagrams
Learning about Microphones
Microphones 123
Microphones v
Noise Cancellation - Succeed in Physical Science
Psychoacoustic Model
Stanford professor's invention making the difference for near-deaf patients -- Los Altos Town Crier
Transconducteurs HP and microphones.htm
Transom Tools Recording-Interviewing What Microphone Do I Get

Tube Condensers

RTT microphones reviews and opinions
RTT MKL-101 monster bottle valve microphone
Tube-Microphones - SUPERSONIC (Australia)
Tubes vs. Transistors


1972 TURNER Microphone Catalog
The Turner Company - Oakland Rd. Plant


Airborne Audio Vintage Microphone Museum
Antique Electronic Supply
blue vintage page
Chuck Pharis Web Page Microphones
Classic Microphone Collection
Cool Microphones Page 1
De la Telegraphie a la Radiophonie
erik's classic microphones - vintage microphones - story of classic microphones - trade of classic microphones - old radio's -
History Of Sound In Chronological Order 1820 -1925
Marquette Audio Labs - Microphones
Microphone Gallery
Microphones 1
Microphones page 2
microphones q345
Microphones X
Microphones Y
Phantom Productions reel to reel tape recorder ad collection 1964
Phantom Productions, Inc. Equipment List
Phantom's Vintage Equipment Rental
Phantom's Vintage Inventory P through R
Sonic microfones Leipzig
Sonostudi Vintage Microphone
The Gearslutz Forums - Vintage Reslo Ribbon Microphone - The Beatles
The JT30 Page - Amplified Blues Harmonica Center - Mics, Amps, Tab
The Mic Shop
The Museum of Russian microphones ribbon, valve, solid-state.
The phonetic collection Leipzig
The web's biggest guide to vintage technology services (26)
Translated version of
Triode Electronics Altec Lansing Schematic & Literature Archive
Vintage BBC Microphones - Menu Page
-- Les micros et hauts-parleurs
A Brief History
A Jazz Improvisation Primer
Aaronsound Gear List - Tel-Fax+44(0)161-975 5000 for further details
about me
Acoustics and Vibration Animations
Active Noise Control FAQ
AEA - Big Ribbon Mics and More,
AEA - R44C Classic Ribbon Microphone, R44S & R44SM Housings and RCA 44 and 77 Parts and Accessories Data Sheet,
AKG Acoustics - AKG Milestones
Alessandro High-End Products Vintage Gear
All about Compressors
Altec 1566 vacuum tube mic preamp and direct box
Altec Product Repair Sources
Always Updated! Web Search
Angela Instruments Astatic, Shure, ETC.
Antique Radio Classified Meet & Auction Report
Antique Radio Classified
Antique Radio Websites
Antiques - Microphones
Antiques and Collectibles from Kaleden
Applied Microphone Technology - microphones for piano, trombone, saxophone, clarinet, guitar, trumpet, violin, harmonica, percu
ars auditus
Art Ludwig's Sound Page
Astatic Bullet Microphone Vintage
Astatic D-104 Microphone
Astatic Mic Page
Astatic Microphone 77-L 15 1-2 - Microphones
Astroman - Sales
Atlanta Antique Gallery
Audio Courses Graduate Profile Jules Freeman - Students
Audio Links zur Tonstudiotechnik - Audio Links Tontechnik Links Audiotechnik Tontechniker
Audio Polarity Test
Audio-Technica Using A-T Products A Brief Guide to Microphones
BAVO DEKKER vintage audio equipment See. Hear. Discover. BeoWorld's New Bang & Olufsen Museum a World of Bang & Olufsen online
Beyerdynamic M-8000
Bill Turner's Dialcover Homepage
Binaural Microphone Construction
Blueberry Records Technical Page
British section of the Audio Engineering Society
Broadcasting History
Broome Visitors Centre
Caswell Inc Sells Plating Kits - Electroplating Kits - Anodizing - Powder Coating and Metal Polishing Supplies
Caswell Inc. - High Temp Ceramic Coatings
Cellar Dweller Productions Microphone Cabinet - RCA 77DX
CHOOSING A MICROPHONE Microphone types and uses
Choosing a World Class Microphone
chord names
Chrome Cleaning Care and Repair at
Classic Microphones - Stock Photography Photos Pictures and Royalty Free Images
Classic Microphones from the Golden Age of Radio
Classic Ribbon Microphones
Classic Ribbon Mics
Cleaning Silver -
Coles 4038 Manufactures Information
Collectics Antiques and Collectibles Mall, Consignment Antique Shop, Bookstore, Collecting Directory, Reference Information, Ar
Custom Microphones
Danger's home page of Mikes
Description of the Tested Microphones
Diatonic Harp Reference Amplified Harp
Dirty Dan's Home
Dolmetsch Online - Music Theory Online Contents
DPA Microphones
DummiesHome-Recording with Pro Tools Understanding Microphone Types Ham Radio Directory Technical Reference-Mic wiring
eBay - Recording Condenser, Wired Microphones, Microphones, and Pro Audio items at low prices
eBay - Vintage Electronics, Consumer Electronics, Tubes, Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorders items at low prices
Einfuhrung in die Harmonielehre
European microphones
FHTE - The Web History of Telecommunications
Field Test A Designs Audio MP-2r Microphone Preamplifier
FMOD - music & sound effects system - [audio library api mod s3m xm it mp3 ogg vorbis wma midi cd dsp player]
Foreningen Svenskt Filmljud - Backspegel
Gallery Amplifiers
Genuine RCA Microphone Serivce and Restorations since 1952. All work done to exact RCA specifications.
Go2Audio Directory - Pro Gear - Makers
Google Search
Grundig GCM3 Microphone
Grundig Microphone
Guitar acoustics
Guitar Lessons Home Recording How to Record An Acoustic Guitar
Handheld Vocal Microphones
Harp On! Harmonica Mics
Heat Shrink Tubing - Hst, Shrink Tubing, Heat Shrink and Shrink Bands
hertz Definition and Much More From
Hifiworks Microphones
History of Public Address - Home v3
History of Telecommunications from 1874 to 1930
Home Page
HoPA Microphones
How Microphones Work
How to make a binaural stealth mic with an old pair of headphones for around $4
HowStuffWorks - Learn how Everything Works!,2811,EI97-CI263,00.html Company History.pdf
Hunt Auctions, Inc.
iBTopicVintage Microphone Collection for Sale
Info on Microphone
International Journal of Acoustics and Vibration
Introduction to Sound Recording
James Boyk's Home Page
Jim Webb Microphone Page
John Hardy M-1R Microphone Preamplifier, John Hardy M1R
John's Old Audio Collection
Johnny Carson's Microphone Fetches $50,787 - Yahoo! News
Josephson Engineering Microphones
K5JOE Hamtrader Swap Page
KikeG page
Klangfilm-Siemens bandmikrofoner
Know Your Astatic
Knowles - Microphones
Kortfattad svensk filmhistoria - 1910-talet
Library of American Broadcasting - On-Line Archive
Library of American Broadcasting
Lionel Dumond All About Decibels, Part I Whats your dB IQ
Make your own ambisonic soundfield type microphone
MIC Norway
Michael Hartkopf's Microphone Homepage
Micro Small Microphone - MAA-03A-L from Star Micronics America - Produits
microphone availability
Microphone Data
Microphone design and building instructions
Microphone home page
Microphone Identification
Microphone Information and How To
Microphone plugs at Ken's Electronics
Microphone Prop Rentals - supplying vintage microphones and period electronics to the entertainment
Microphone Restoration and Ribbon Repair
Microphone sensitivity conversion - Sensitivity transfer factor in dB re mV-Pa or dyne-cm? microbar pascal pascals microphones
Microphone you use in concert
Microphones - Audio Parts
Microphones -
Microphones - Beyerdynamic
Microphones Rainbow Music Omaha
Microphones, manufacturer, music, amplification, tubes - Mic Of The Month
Midwest Microphone
Mix Magazine Online- Audio Recording in Concert and in Studio
Mojo Pie -- Funky and uncommon recording gear, Part 1
Moulton Lectures on Electro-acoustics
Mr Microphone vintage microphones and birthplace of MonsterTone harp mics
Multitrack Hard Disk Recorder-
Music from GoAntiques
Music Lovers Auction - Find Collectible , Rare , Used , and Unique Music Items! - coach
My other antiques
Myths & Realities
NAUTA - Recorders
Nevada Microphone Plugs, Sockets & Clips
Nothing but Sound Cables and Accessories For Sale
OKTAVA - our history
Old Broadcasting Photographs
Ozark Pro AV
PC ABX Download Program
PC ABX Home Page
PC Connection Sennheiser Electronic Corp., Sennheiser HDC 45 Active Noise Cancellation Headphone, HDC451-1
Pete 'The Jukester' Sheridan - Mics, Amps, Harps & Guitars
Pete 'The Jukester' Sheridan
Phantom Production's vintage reel to reel catalog collection
Phantom's Vintage Equipment Rental
Phantom's Vintage Inventory by Year
Phantom's Vintage Inventory U through Z
Philco microphone
Physics of Sound
Powering microphones
Private Collections
ProSoundWeb Klaus Heyne Master of Microphone Modifications pg. 1
ProSoundWeb Klaus Heyne Master of Microphone Modifications pg. 3
Queen's FILM 250 Notes on Sound Microphones
Radio Netherlands Media Network Antique & Old Time Radio History
Radio Station Guide
Radiomuseum Rottenburg - Mikrofone
Radiotiques - Preservation and Restoration of Antique Tube Radios
Rational Brains
RBDG [ newsroom ]
RCA & Western Electric Microphone Documentation
RCA History
RCA Type SK-50
RCA, Beyer, B&O & Shure Ribbon Microphone Repair-Restoration
Recording Magazine
Restoration 2.5.14 download page - tested and reviewed shareware and freeware downloads from SnapFiles
Restoration and Cleaning of Ancient Coins and Artifacts
Reverse Time Page
Ribbon Microphones and their Mic Preamps
Ribbon Mics
Richard Hunter-harmonica Dennis Gruenling Favorites
Rocktron U.S. Dealer List - T
Rotund Rascal Recording Studio
Royer Labs Ribbon Microphones
Science and Technology-Amazing Science-Microphone Array
Scientific-Medical from Kaleden
Shure MC50B and MC51B Subminiature Lavalier Microphones, Condenser, Tailored Response, 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Silvia Classics - RCA MI Numbers
SLI Noise Assessment and Control Basic Acoustics
Sonic Circus Search
Sonic Plus Mic Boom Pole
Sonostudi Vintage Microphone
Sound Table of Contents
Steve's Antiques Image Display System Octava
Table of Contents for Art Ludwig's sound page
Table of Contents
Telefunken Electronic Tubes
The Antique Radio Club of Illinois - Homepage
The Audio Auction - List your equipment for free!
The collection
The Design of Microphone Preamplfiers - Millennia Media
The Development of Musical Tuning Systems
The educational encyclopedia, microphones
The Musician's Ear Stereo Microphone
The Musician
The Original JT30 Page
The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing
Tiny Microphone & Preamplifier connects to VCR, TV, Tape Recorder, Audio Monitor, PC Sound Card, AV Wireless Transmitter - Sen
Tom Loredo's Music and Audio Bookmarks
Tom's Mics - microphone for sale, New Zealand
TransAudio Group Hi-End Pro Audio Electronics
Triode Electronics Altec Lansing Schematic & Literature Archive
Twelve Microphones That Changed History
Untitled Document
Vintage and Classic Pro Audio Equipment For Sale
vintage audio
Vintage Broadcast News from SPARC
Vintage Classic Microphones
Vintage Equipment Rent Com Inc Audio Visual, Video, Projection, Presentation Rental AV Equipment
Vintage Links & more
Vintage Loop pro audio-consulting, sales, marketing; Grace,Vintech, Universal Audio
Vintage Loop studio audio-new-preowned sales services-consulting-refurbs
Vintage Microphone Movie Prop Rentals
Vintage Microphones (Blue Mic)
Vintage, Tube and High-End Gear
Vintage  Radio and Phonograph Society Equipment Contest - Professional electrostatic microphones
VTDATA - Antique Radio Web Sites
Want it cheaper Buy-Sell microphone fiend Used
welcome to 797audio
Wes Dooley on Ribbons
what mic pre for RCA ribbon
Wireless EC
World Tube Audio Portal - Category Vintage Tube Audio Equipment
World Wide Pro Audio Directory
Yahoo! Shopping Search Results for vintage microphone
  Microphone Home Page  


Algorithms Calculations Standards Statistics

Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage
CDC Prevention Guidelines
Clinical Guidelines Development - Summer Program
Educational Software and Rapid Screening Test Kits
Evidence-Based Journal Club - Decision Analysis
Free Statistical Software
Handbook of Medical Informatics - Web Site
Interactive Statistical Calculation Pages
Lesson 4 Calculations Component
Measurements & Control-Medical Electronics Home Page
Medical Calculators 1
Medical Tools, Clinical Calculators
Medicare Professional-Technical Information
MedWebPlus Subject Nephrology Medical Calculators
MemoWare - The PDA Document Repository
National Guideline Clearinghouse
National Institute of Standards NIST WWW Home Page
NHS National Service Framework (NSF) Zones - a guide to implementation and relevant resources for all involoved in health servi
Outcome Measures
Risk Management
Severity of Illness Modeling
STEPS Statistical Software
The Medical Algorithms Project home page
The Medical Algorithms Project, Chapter 7
Top Sites By Category

Anatomy & Physiology

Virtual Human Medical Anatomy

The Digital Anatomist Program
The Visible Human Project

Anatomy Browser
Anatomy Modules Anatomy Module List
Duke Med Curriculum Materials Development
Human Physiology
Index of -school-fall.96-anatomy
The ESG Biology Hypertextbook Home Page
Three Dimensional Medical Reconstruction
Virtual Anatomy Project
Visible Human cross sections


ABDA Home Page
AHA Scientific Statements--Topic Index
AHIMA, American Health Information Management Association®
AMA Members-Only page for MyAMA User
American Association for Therapeutic Humor
American College of Chest Physicians
American Health Consultants AHC Online
American Heart Association National Center
American Medical Association Home Page
American Medical Association Publishing Home Page
American Medical Association
American Osteopathic Association
American Thoracic Society
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Home Page
Food and Drug Administration Home Page
ILSA Home Page
National Jewish Center for Immun. and Resp. Med.
NIAID Home Page
NIH Home Page


Center for the Study of Bioterrorism and Emerging Infections - Saint Louis University, School of Public Health
Welcome to the Johns Hopkins University Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies


Cardionics Inc
Cardiovascular and Respiration handouts menu
Cardiovascular Physiology
COHIS- Cardiovascular Diseases- Testing for heart problems- Heart Sounds
Electrocardiogram (ECG, EKG) library
Heart Surgery Online - Contents
Increasing Your Overall Fitness Level
Index to Circulation lectures
mdchoice ECG Rounds
Postgraduate Medicine- Congestive Heart Failure Symposium- Acute Congestive Heart Failure
Radiology of chest and contents
Stretching Video Demonstrations and Written Explanations - Exercise
The Cardiology Home Page
The Heart- An Online Exploration

Chest Xray Radiology

Pulmonary Imaging

MIR Nuclear Medicine Network Access Page
Pulmonary Imaging - Table of Contents
The Virtual Hospital- ElectricPE

-- RadioGraphics 1996; 16 613-644
Cardiovascular Imaging
Daily Chest X
Division of Radiologic Sciences
Index of -Lumen-MedEd-medicine-pulmonar-images-
LUMEN - Medicine I
Original report. Bronchopericardial fistula after placement of an automatic implantable cardioverter defibrillator radiographi
Radiology case 61--131
Radiology Case Studies
Radiology of chest and contents
Simon cases, Lung Mediastinum, PLeura
Simon Collection Chest Radiology
The Virtual Hospital- ElectricDiffuseLung - Body Imaging Teaching Files
UNC Radiology Teaching File Nuclear Medicine Section Case #8
Virtual Hospital UHIC Medical Museum Home Page


Dermatology Images; Univ. of Iowa
Fifth Disease
hyperhidrosis videoscopic surgery treatment of hand sweat, facial sweat, and other symptoms of hyperhidrosis - thoracoscopic sy
Hyperhidrosis, hyperhydrosis
mdchoice Photo Rounds
Tuberous sclerosis


Sulfonylurea Agents Oral Hypoglycemic Agents - Joslin Diabetes Center

Education Medical Exams & Questions

American Medical Student Association
board exams, board review, internet, medical links, health links, American Board of Medical Specialities
Conference call; audio, video, web conferencing services - Vialog Corporation
History of Diseases
Homepage of Medical Education Online
Internet Resources for Medical Students
JL Enterprise Medical Education Software for Nurses and Respiratory Therapists
Medical Education Software from Other Schools
Medical Education
Medical Matrix
Medical Review & Teaching Files
Medical Students Lounge
Medical Study Guides Page's Soft Launch Wins Professional Praise Revolutionary e-Learning Tool For Physicians Draws Interest
OCRME Home Page
Program Support Center TOC
Resource for Continuing Medical Education (CME)Online
Resource Section Medical Education Online
Sections of Medical Education Online
Student British Medical Journal
Subscriber CME Testing
The Holiday Lectures on Science- a Biology Education Resource
Welcome to the CyberPatient Simulator

Emergency Medicine

ACLS Guidelines for EMS
Emergency Medicine at NCEMI emergency medicine and primary care resources
The National Center for Emergency Medicine Informatics NCEMI

HealthSeek - The Internet's Healthcare Career-Mart
Medical & Health Jobs Links, Sites, Pages by Anancyweb ©
Pathfinders Career Links
Pathfinders CareerPath Program- How to choose a career you love
The Landfield Group


AU - ORL-HNS - Rhinology
Doctor C's Ear, Nose, & Throat Page #2
Doctor C's Ear, Nose, & Throat Page
Doxys - Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat
Introduction Allergic Rhinitis
Otolaryngology at the University of Washington, Seattle
PEDINFO Subspecialties- Surgical
Primary Care Teaching Module- URI & Sinusitis
SiriusNet Home Page
Tinnitus FAQ


End of Life
Florida Medical Sales
Last Acts campaign to improve end-of-life care
Medical EquipNet Home Page
Medical Products Guide - Home Page
Medical Resources
PEMED - Online catalog of used medical equipment)
Recycler's World - Used Medical Equipment
TECNET - Largest Used Equipment Database of Surplus Assets
The Medical Professionals' Sales & Service Center For Savings

Ethics & Legal

Chapter 10 - Conflicts of Interest
Doctor-Assisted Suicide--a guide to WEB Sites and the literature
Featured Innovation for Innovations in End-of-Life Care. Vol. 1, No. 6, 1999
Growth House Guide To Death, Dying, Grief, Bereavement, and End Of Life Resources
Hospice and Palliative Care
Majors Home Page Medical, Scientific, Technical, Business and Law Book Distributor
Medical Humanities
Medicine and Law Experts and Consultants - Medical Negligence - Case Evaluations
New York State Task Force Report on Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide
The Hemlock Society - death with dignity
The Online Ethics Center for Engineering & Science
Yahoo! Full CoverageAssisted Suicide

Evidence Based Medicine & Statistics

A New View of Statistics Home Page
CARE Study
Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine
Evidence Based Practice
Journal of Statistics Education
Low-molecular-weight..., Evidence-Based Medicine Mar-Apr 98
New View of Statistics Contents
Survey Research Methods Section Information

Genetics HGP

Clinical Genetics Courses and Lectures
Genetics Education Center
Human Genome Project Information
Introduction Primer on Molecular Genetics
National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI)
Virtual Hospital Clinical Genetics A Self Study for Health Care Providers
Virtual HospitalClinical Genetics A Self Study for Health Care Providers

Goverment & Associations
HCFA - The Medicare and Medicaid Agency
Official American Medical Association (AMA) Home Page
Online Sunshine - The Florida Legislature
U.S. Federal Government Agencies

Medical Medicare Fraud Legal

Medicare Legal Abuse

A Whistleblower's Web Site, Home
AltaVista- Simple Query us government medicare fraud treasury
Health Care Financing Administration (Medicare & Medicaid)


CONQUEST 2.0 Summary (Software Download)
Food and Drug Administration Home Page
H1993- Medical Practitioners-Backgrounds
Health Care Financing Administration - The Medicare & Medicaid Agency
HOME PAGE - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Medical Burnout - Managed Care
Medical Malpractice Law and Attorneys, Florida
Medical Quality Assurance
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
NHLBI Publications for Health Professionals

Hematology Oncology

Medical Breast

Breast Cancer - Doctor's Guide to the Internet
Breast Cancer Network
National Cancer Institute

Institute of Cancer Research
Lung Cancer - Thoracic Oncology - Health Professionals
Lung Cancer for Patients
PATHOLOGY EL Hemostasis and Thrombosis
Pathology Services, Inc. Newsletters
Staging of Lung Cancer

Infectous Disease HIV AIDS Vaccines

AIDS Vaccine Research - Table of Contents
amfAR's HIV-AIDS Treatment Directory
Clinical Infectious Diseases Text
Emerging Infectious Diseases
Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome
Harvard AIDS Institute - Welcome
HIV - InSite - Home
Legionella Water Testing Lab
MEDLINEplus Tuberculosis
NIAID Emerging Infectious Diseases Research - PREFACE
Reports on Legionnaires' disease and the control of Legionella and other bacteria
University of Pennsylvania Health System Antimicrobial Use Guidelines- Table of Contents

Journals & Publications

ACP-ASIM - Annals of Internal Medicine - 4 Jan 2000 Contents
ACP-ASIM Online - The Web Site for Internal Medicine
AHC Online
American College of Chest Physicians
American Family Physician Home Page
American Medical Association
American Thoracic Society
Archives of Disease in Childhood
Atlas Title
ATS Journals Online
AVICENNA- The Medical Information Supersite of the World Wide Web
Bandolier Issue Index
Biomedical Sciences Home Page
BMJ Education and debate
Chest -- Collected Resources Ethics in Cardiopulmonary Medicine
Chest Medicine On-Line - Main Page of the Journal
Clinical Cardiology, A Peer-Reviewed Journal for Advances in Cardiovascular Disease
Current Practice Web Site
Digital Anatomist Interactive Atlases
DNA Home Page
Doctor Online
Doctor's Guide to the Internet - Doctor's Guide HomePage
EDGAR EDGAR, the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system, performs automated collection Database
Evidence-Based Journal Club - Decision Analysis
Harvard Medical Web
House Officer's Handbook Mt Sinai
Information for Researchers
Jonathan Tward's Multimedia Medical Reference Library
Journal Club on the Web
Journals of the AMA
Kearl's Guide to Health Statistics and the Medical Establishment
McGill University Health Sciences Library
MD Consult Clinical Information For Physicians
Medical Burnout - Managed Care
MedicineNet (TM) Home Page -- A FREE Medical Reference
Medscape - The AIDS Reader
Medscape Mail
MMWR - May 1997
Nature - International weekly journal of science
Nature Genetics Home
New England Journal of Medicine On-line -- Home Page
NIH Home Page The Leader in Interactive Healthcare Information
Personal Edition - Warren Goff
Postgraduate Medicine- August 1998
Postgraduate Medicine
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
PSL Home
Science Online
Southern Medical Journal
Subscriber CME Testing
Synapse Publishing Inc.
The Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care
The Internet Journal of Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine
The Journal of Clinical Investigation
The Lancet Interactive
The Oncologist
The Virtual Hospital- ElectricDiffuseLung
Turner White Communications medical journals and medical board reviews for residents, hospital physicians, and managed care dec
UPMC-CLC Home Page
Users Guides to Medical Literature
Virtual Anatomy Project
Washington University Medical Center
Welcome to America's Housecall Network
Welcome to Physician's News Digest
Welcome To RSNA Link

Medical Computing

Decision Analysis

Decision Systems Group
Decision Tree for Optimization Software
Design Methods- Decision
Directory of -internet-ftp
History of the Decision Analysis Society
INFORMS-SDA - Decision Analysis Software
Knowledge Industries
Probabilistic Medical Reasoning
Software for Belief Networks
TECMAN Database Classification
Vanguard Software Corporation
Washington University Data Archive

Medical Software


Esm Software Home Page
HealthPro Computer Services
Shareware Category Medical-Health

Higher Education National Software Archive at Lancaster University
Johns Hopkins Project
Medical Software and FTP Archives
StatLib Index
The Medical Information Archives


Medical Informatics John's Hopkins

Speech Recognition & Artificial Inteligence Encrypt

PGP Encryption Programming
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
PGP Distribution Authorization Form
PGPfone Distribution Authorization Form for the United States
Search the IBM Planetwide web
The John Doe Home Page. Author- Steve Harris
Welcome to Philips Dictation Systems

Computer Based Instruction Lab
Expert Systems in Medicine

Medical Graphic

Barry's Clip Art Server
Computer Medical Illustrations
Links to Visual Medicine Sites
Medical Images
Medical Museum
RES PlantPath Electron Micrographs

Medical H&P Cases Manuals

Breath Sounds

IDSA 2nd Level Page
IDSA Home Page
Interactive Patient Home Page
International Lung Sounds Association (ILSA)
The Interactive Patient
The Osler Medical Journal- Osler at the Bedside
Wavelet Resources

Cases & Clinical

Basic Clinical Skills Slides
Blunt Chest Trauma
Deceptive patterns of uremic pulmonary edema.
Heymans Homepage
Interactive Patient Home Page
Oculocutaneous Albinism
UC Irvine ICS Research

Alphabetic List of Specific Diseases-Disorders
Auditory Findings
Auscultation of Lungs
Block 5 - Introduction to Radiology - Case 3
Body Mass Index Calculation
Clinical Medicine NetPrints
History and Physical Study Guides
HON Allergy Glossary Anaphylactic Shock
HOUSE OFFICER Section Book Listing
LUNIS Library File Entry
McGill Virtual Physical Exam
Physical Diagnosis
Physik's PalmPilot Pages
The Abdomen
The House Officer's Survival Guide- Rules, Laws, Lists
The Interactive Medical Student Lounge
The Internet and the Resident In-house, On-call, and On-line
The Virtual Naval Hospital- General Medical Officer Manual- Table of Contents
The Virtual Navy Hospital- General Medical Officer Manual- Lymphadenopathy
UTHH1N Information for Clinicians
Virtual Hospital University of Iowa Family Practice Handbook, 3rd Edition Hematologic, Electrolyte, and Metabolic Disorders
[Information News-Fa-90] Medical Illustrations To Go

Medical Humor

Medical Humor - Medref (sm)   Medscout (sm)

Nephrology Urology

Nephro To Go - Download Our Software
Renal Function
The Florida Urological Institute
Urology International

Neurology Psychiatric Dreams Consciousness Sleep

Mental Health & Psych


Kearl's Guide to the Sociology of Death- Suicide
Bazelon Center- Welcome
Consciousness Studies
Consciousness Tucson III--Towards a Science of Consciousness
Dr. Ivan's Depression Central
Harvard Bipolar Research Program
Mental Health Parity
Mental Illness in America
NAMI Updates
PSY BROADCASTING- On Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Psychiatric Times
Zyprexa Cleared by the FDA for Treatment of Psychotic Disorders


BCM - Gray Matter
Dept. of Neurobiology and Anatomy, UT Houston
Multiple Sclerosis - Information on IMSSF, Neurology, and Medical Specialist
The National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Welcome to the Alzheimer's Association



Consciousness and the Brain

Sleep Disorders Center, San Francisco
Sleep Medicine Home Page #2
Sleep Medicine Home Page
Superb Sleep Systems of Central California

Freud The Interpretation of Dreams, Table of Contents
Nationwide Psychiatric Disability IMEs, Consulting, & Neuropsychological Testing


Breast diseases Guidelines, statements, opinions, evidence based medicine
Obstetrics Guidelines, statements, opinions, evidence based medicine

Pathology Forensic Anatomy

Toxicology Forensic Pathology Gases Oxygen Phosgene CGA

American College of Forensic Examiners
American Medical Forensic Specialists, Inc.
Compressed Air Glossary-k.html
Forensic Medical- Our Staff
General Industry Safety Orders, Article 109. Hazardous Substances and Processes
Home Page
Internet Resources for Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Laboratory Resources Unive Pitsburg
Longwood Information LLC
Office of the Chief Medical Examiner of Massachuetts
Poison Control Centers
The National Oxygen Bar Association
US FDA - Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN)
USUHS, Pathology, CME, ACCME, Academic Pathology, Clinical Pathology, Pathology Research
Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine
Welcome to the Medical NBC Information Server
Zeno's Forensic Page
Cell Repositories CCR- NIGMS HGMCR- Detail for GM12928
Forensic Psychiatry & Medicine
Forensic Science
Reid Forensic Psychiatry, Psychiatry and Law Expert Witness
Tim Jacob Cell Physiology Lectures
Vascular Segmental Pulmonary Anatomy
WebPath The Internet Pathology Laboratory


Fifth Disease
The Pediatric Points of Interest - Your Library of Child Health Information

Pharmacology & Drugs

Aminoglycoside Kinetics Tutorial
Aminoglycoside Tutorial
Basic Considerations
Bedside tools creatinine clearance
Bedside tools main window
Bedside Tools splash window
Brief Description of NONMEM
Chuck et al., National Survey of Extended-Interval Aminoglycoside Dosing
Comprehensive Epidemiologic Data Resource WWW Home Page
DoseAssist Information
Drug Absorbtion, Distribution and Elimination - Pharmacy
Editorials - November 15, 1998 - American Academy of Family Physicians
Eli Lilly and Company- EVISTA
Glaxo Wellcome Inc. @ USA
Handbook of Parenteral Drug Administration - A Resource for the Health Professional
HNC- Drug Formulary
IHI Patient Safety Resources Improving Medical Error Rates
Laboratory of Applied Pharmacokinetics
Michael B. Bolger, Software Download Page
MRC Biostatistics Unit - Welcome
Multum Solutions AddVantageRx
Notes & Practice Problems Contents
PHA 5127 Simulations
Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Resources
Pharmacokinetic Software
RxKinetics web site
The BUGS Project - WinBUGS
The Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences
The Handbook of Parenteral Drug Administration
Theophylline Dosing
Welcome to the Population Approach Group in Europe

Preventive Medicine

Guide to Clinical Preventive Services, Second Edition, U.S. Preventive Services Task Force

Primary Care

Family Medical Practice On-Line
Family Practice Notebook
Geriatrics & Aging Home Page
MD Opinions
Reference Guide For HERBS
VOLC-R- Primary Care Resources

Pulmonary ICU Critical Care


Allergy and Asthma FAQ Page
Chronic Cough in Children
JAMA Asthma Information Center - Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Asthma
Professional Allergy and Asthma Magazine Back Issues
Teach Your Patients About Asthma- A Clinician's Guide


United Endoscopy


Chronic Lung Disease Resource (Frames)
Diagnosis of COPD
Division of Thoracic Surgery- Emphysema Trial News


Anesthesia, Critical Care & Emergency Medicine on the Internet
Critical Care - Society of Critical Care Medicine Homepage
Critical Care Database
ICU Assistant 1.2 Software
The Worldwide Intensivist organ system dysfunction, hosted & composed by LARA & Johan
Trauma and Critical Care Email Directory

Mechanical ventilators Respiratory Care

Clinical Applications
IngMar Medical, Ltd. SB 2000 page
J.H. Emerson Co.
Respironics confirms 2Q expectations
Respironics- Always Thinking
Thermo Electron Acquires Bear Medical Systems Division of Allied
Vent Users' Support Page
Ventilator Review



Practice Guidelines Standards

Jonathan Tward's Multimedia Medical Reference Library -- Pulmonary Med.
Respiratory Care Education Home Page

Pulmonary Embolism DVT

COHIS- Cardiovascular Diseases- Vessel Disorders- Pulmonary Embolism
Pulmonary Embolism and Deep Vein Thrombosis

Pulmonary Function

Chest Medicine On-Line - Main Page of the Journal
Department of Medicine
Diagnostic Monitoring - Spirometers
Functional Residual Capacity
Index of -lumen-MedEd-Medicine-PULMONAR-
Micro Medical MicroDL
Morgan & Company PFT
NPB - Spirometry
Other imaging sites on the WWW.
PROOF- Medical Evaluation Software Program
Pulmonary Function Lab, Station #1
Pulmonary Function Lab
Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT?s)
Pulmonary Function Testing - Asthma
Radioscintigraphic Volumetry
SensorMedics Home Page
Spirometrics Medical Equipment Co.
Spirometry - Table of Contents
Table of Contents, Pulmonary medicine, pulmonary physiology, respiratory diseases, arterial blood gases, pulmonary function tes
Teaching Modules
The Division of Physiologic Imaging
Volumetric Image Display and Analysis (VIDA) TOC
Welcome to Micro Medical Ltd
Xenon Enhanced CT Imaging of Local Pulmonary Ventilation


Cardiovascular and Respiration handouts menu
General Articles

Respiratory Muscle

Micro Mouth Pressure Meter


Measuring the Consequences of OSA
Respiratory Problems and Sleep
Sleep Architecture
Sleep Patterns


CDC-DTBE - Core Curriculum on Tuberculosis
TB Clinical Policies and Protocols
Tuberculosis Resources

Ventilators and ICU

All-Net - high frequency pressure controlled ventilation
Respiratory Physiology Menu
Respiratory Products Case Study 1
Trauma ICU Protocols
ARDSNet Home Page
Asthma Evaluation
Asthma...[Fulltext, Dec 10 JAMA. 1997;2781855-1873] (c) AMA 1997
blood gases, anion gap, delta gap, bicarbonate gap, serum electrolytes, arterial blood gases, pulmonary physiology, sodium, pos
Dr. Rose's Peripheral Brain--ASTHMA
Human Physiology
John Yanos' Education Page
Lung and Respiratory System Review
Medscape Resource Center - Sepsis Pathophysiology and Treatment
NTP 1997 Annual Plan Chapter IX - Toxicoology (Respiratory Toxicology)
Pulmonary Pathology Index
Valley Fever Center For Excellence
Virtual Hospital Adult Pulmonary Core Curriculum
Virtual Hospital ElectricPE

Rheumatology Immunology

Contents -- Quick Reference Guide 14- Low Back
Myopathy Differential Diagnosis
Osteoporosis - Doctor's Guide to the Internet
Rheumatology Page

University Medical Hospital

About the University of Kentucky College of Medicine
Botsford Health Care Continuum - Home
Duke University Medical Center
Georgetown University School of Medicine Student Handbook 1996-1997
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Lecture Schedule
Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute
Massachusetts General Hospital Home Page
Mayo Clinic & Foundation for Medical Education and Research
Menninger Home Page
National Jewish Medical and Research Center - General Information
National Jewish Medical and Research Center - Lung Line
On-Line Distance Learning System
Peter Bitterman, Faculty of the MD-PhD Program at the Univ. of MN
Pulmonary Core Curriculum
pulmonary residency program at university of nebraska medical center
Research at the Cornell Theory Center
Ronald G. Crystal, M.D
Sample Syllabi Transition Courses
Stanford University Homepage
Texas Medical Center
The University of Chicago Primary Care Group
the University of Health Sciences Library
Univ of Rochester Environmental Medicine Dept.
University of Florida Medical Education Server
University of Michigan Medical School
University of Oxford Clinical School
University of South Florida
University of Tennessee, Memphis
Virtual Hospital Adult Pulmonary Core Curriculum
Virtual Hospital The International Thoracic Teaching Resource
Virtual Hospital University of Iowa Family Practice Handbook, 3rd Edition
Washington University Medical Center - Web-based Scheduler + E-Meeting room + E-Mail
4.4.14 Production of Carbon Monoxide
A cure for dandruff and scalp itch by household ingredient
A Day in the Life of a Pocket PC-Carrying MD
A pituitary tumor producing high molecular weight adrenocorticotropin- related peptides clinical and cell culture studies -- F
AAMC Medical Education Med-Ed Listserv
AAOS Online Service Fact Sheet Hip Dislocation
About Famous People and Bipolar Disorder Home Page
ACD - Price List AccuGas Cylinders
ACIP Statements
ACP-ASIM Online - Product and Program Catalog
Active Divers Assn. - Underwater Communication and Hand Signals
Addressing Intimate Partner Violence in Primary Care Practice
Adult ADHD Evaluation and Treatment in Family Medicine - November 1, 2000 - American Family Physician
AJRCCM -- Abstracts HANKINSON et al. 159 (1) 179
Alimed Medical Supply & Ergonomic Products
Allergic Disorders  Promoting Best Practices
alpha stim 100
AMA (Violence) Physician Guidelines
AMEDEO The Medical Literature Guide
American College of Cardiology
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
American Medical Forensics Specialists Medical Negligence Experts Witnesses
American Thoracic Society - Critical Care (CC)
AMIA Resources -- Academic & Training Programs
Ananova - Top doc backs picking your nose and eating it
Anil Aggrawal's Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine Combined index of all issues
AntidepressantsFacts Effexor-Efexor (venlafaxine) side effects
Antifungal Shows Promise for Chronic Rhinosinusitis
ARDS Net - Home
Are Sex Offenders Treatable A Research Overview -- Grossman et al. 50 (3) 349 -- Psychiatric Services
Argentum Medical, LLC
Arrow International Products [Critical Care FAQs]
Artemis -- February 2003
Ask the Dietitian
ASK-A-SCIENTIST Archive - Chemistry
Asthma Management
Asthma Treatment Guidelines Palm Download Page
Astra Zeneca AIR
Baylor Mood Disorders Center
BBC - Science & Nature - Horizon - The Dark Secret of Hendrik Schon
BBC NEWS Health Tight ties could damage eyesight
Behavioural Neuroscience
Bibliography Men Raped or Sexually Abused by Women - Biofeedback Products and Resources for Practitioners and Home Users
BioMed Central Abstract The Exploding Head Syndrome
BioMed Central Home page
BioSpace News for Stanford University
Bipolar Disorder and the Creative Genius
Bob Gordon's MMPI Homepage
BPhoenix The Link Between Mental Illness and Creativity
Brain Machine - The Brain Wave Lab - MarcMarc (Marc Marc)
Brain Stimulation information
BrainMaster 2 Channel EEG AT1 v1.9A Deluxe
British guideline on the management of asthma - Acrobat download page
Calls for caution on obesity drug
Canadian Lung Association - Asthma, COPD, Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, Smoking, and Lung Health Information
Canadian Thoracic Society Guidelines
Cancer Tools Information Page
Cannabis can slow narrowing of arteries - Britain - Times Online
Carbon Monoxide (CO) (co) - Properties, Purity and Packaging including research grade. Carbon Monoxide is a toxic, colorless an
CDC Updated Interim Domestic Guidelines for Triage and Disposition of Patients Who May Have Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
CDC Media Relations Telebriefing Transcripts
Center for Medical Informatics - Department of Medicine - Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Chapter 8 Pulmonary Circulation (Page 3)
Child Abuse and Neglect
Child Support Guidelines
Chinese Medical Psychiatry by Bob Flaws and James Lake, MD
Chiropractic Significant Journal Reports
Clinical Evidence
Clinical Pharmacology of SSRI's - How SSRIs as a Group Are Similar
Clinical Trials
CME Online
CMHS Programs State Planning-Mental Health Block Grant - Brain waves drive man's bionic arm - Sep. 25, 2003
Community Mental Health Services Block Grant Program, National Mental Health Information Center
Computer Applications in Engineering Education
contact symtop
Critical Care Medicine Tutorials- Hyernatremia
dangerously strong magnets
Darby Drug Co., Inc
Darby Group Companies, Inc.
Death and Dignity
Death Certificate CME
Decision Systems Group
Deep brain stimulation could help alleviate Parkinsons symptoms on both sides of the body
Dental Air Force air-powered home dental cleaning system
Dental Health
Department Of Medicine - Schiavo Appeal to Reconnected Tube Denied
Digital Audiometer
Digoxin Kinetics calculator. (Pharmacokinetics). Program by D.McAuley
DONG QUAI 380mg.50ct.
Dr. Kevin Pezzi's Medical Inventions - Bruise
Drug Development Technology - Acomplia (Rimonabant) - Investigational Agent for the Management of Obesity
EBM Calculator - Download
Educational Internet Resources for Medical Students
Electrocardiogram (ECG, EKG) library
Electronic Stethoscope 2
Electronic Stethoscopes, Telemedicine compatible stethoscopes.
ElectroVoice ND468 Professional Microphone - Find, Compare, and Buy at
EM OnLine - Courtesy of NH&HI Registered Entry Page
eMedicine - Cardiogenic Shock Article by Sat Sharma, MD, FRCPC, FCCP
eMedicine - Paraphilias Article by Guy E Brannon, MD
eMedicine - Swan-Ganz Catheterization Article by Bojan Paunovic, MD
Emergency Care at John C. Lincoln Hospitals in Phoenix Arizona
eMJA Cardiovascular safety of rofecoxib (Vioxx) lessons learned and unanswered questions
Enterobius vermicularis (pinworms)
Entrez PubMed
Entrez Utilities
Erowid Cannabis Vault Cannabis Eating FAQ
Erowid Cannabis Vaults Leary Biscuit (cache)
Erowid Nitrous Oxide Vaults Health Nitrous and B-Vitamin Dangers (Laughing Gas, Nitrous, NO2)
Evidence Report Files Download
Evidenced-Based Practice Centre - McMaster University
Exercise Testing GuidelinesTABLES AND FIGURES
Exploding Head Syndrome
Famous Bipolar People
Famous Names and Faces with Bipolar Disorder
Famous people Bipolar
FDA gives go-ahead for new diabetes treatment
Fenichel's Current Topics in Psychology Managed Care Issues
Find out what causes RSI and how to prevent and treat RSI
FL Dept. of Health - Profiling
Florida Department of Children & Families
Florida Dept. of Health homepage
FSU College of Medicine - Medical Websites - Medical Informatics
Gas Mask - by MSA
gaussmeters, DC magnetometers
General Common Cold Information
Genetics News Wire - Terms and Conditions
Genetics Virtual Library
Global Alert Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)
Google Search MD Computing
Google Search persinger
Google Search very strong magnets
Greenfield Online Home Page
Growth Charts - page 2 of 2
hair color - hermansky-pudlak and chediak-higashi syndrome albinism
Hand Signals Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Handbook of Medical Informatics - Web Site
Health Care Advantage Plus - Freel Health Coverage
Health Library - Hip dislocation
Health Topics Contraception Overview of Birth Control Methods
HealthAtoZ Search Engine
Hebephrenic Schizophrenia ICD Criteria for Hebephrenic Schizophrenia
Help for anxiety problems
High-Dose Intramuscular Steroids Helpful in Severe Refractory...
HIV Drug Interactions Calculator - Drug Selection Form
HIV-AIDS Treatment Information Service (ATIS) Home Page
Hospital Medicine Online
How Much Does Inflation Affect My Costs - Oxygen
Hyponatremia and Hypernatremia in the Elderly - June 15, 2000 - American Academy of Family Physicians
IMMLY responds to Dr. Darold Treffert's letters to the editor opposing Underheim medical marijuana bill
Index-Center for Biomedical Engineering
ingenta all issues
Inositol in psychiatry
Insulin Resistance and Hyperinsulinemia
International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide - Home
Intravenous Magnesium Sulfate Treatment for Acute Asthma in the Emergency Department A Systematic Review of the Literature
Johns Hopkins Division of Infectious Diseases Antibiotic Guide
Johns-Hopkins ABX Guide
Journal of Clinical Forensic Medicine
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association
Lesson 1 The Standard 12 Lead ECG
Liber Herbarum II DK hyppig menstruation- UK too frequent menstruation- D -
Likelihood Ratio -- from MathWorld
Lin, Tsu-Hui, MD, Endocrinology, Tampa, Florida
Listing of Newly Approved Drug Therapies (2002)
magnetic stimulation therapy for depression in place of electro shock
Making a Custom Liquid Latex Glove
Management of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - July 15, 2003 - American Family Physician
Manufactures of magnetisers, demagnetisers and gaussmeters as well as other magnetic equipment and magnetic instruments.
Mapi Research Institute - List of translations Psychiatry
MAPS News July 9, 2004. - Massachusetts Medical Society Online
mdchoice ECG Rounds
MDMA ( Ecstasy ) in the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) a clinical plan
Medem Inc.
Medicaid Information for Florida
medical algorithms calculators tools - NY Emergency Room RN
Medical Computing Today Convention Calendars
Medical Computing Today Home Page
Medical Images, Movies and other Multimedia
Medical Informatics and Computer Applications - September 1996 FPM
Medical Informatics Directed Self-Study Curriculum
medical pc pocket reference
Medical Quality Assurance - Practitioner Profiling Browse Top User-Rated Mnemonics [With 3 Votes]
Medicare Compliance Listserv
MEDLINE- PubMed and Internet Grateful Med
Medscape - CME Tracker
Medscape Clinical Content Search Results
Medscape DrugInfo Search
Medscape General Medicine
Medscape Pulmonary Medicine Home Page
Medscape Pulmonary Medicine Homepage
Medscape Resource Center - Bipolar Disorder
MemoWare - The PDA Document Repository
MeSH Browser
MGH Bipolar Clinic & Research Program
Mind Information Factsheets and booklets, subjects Diversity Mental health in translation
Mitochondria Research Society
Mixed Nuts - Famous Bipolars (Manic Depressives)
Module Rotating_field
Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies
Multiple forms of immunoreactive beta-endorphin are present in an ectopic adrenocorticotropin-producing tumor but not in normal
My Vasectomy in pictures
NAMI NH - Take Action - Famous People With Mental Illness
National Guideline Clearinghouse
National Initiative for Sepsis Education - NISE - Home
NCHS - Surveys and Data Collection Systems - National Health Interview Survey
NetView Online Clinical References
neurotheology, and the new science of spiritual neurology
New Scientist Archive
NHLBI, Diagnosis and Management of Asthma--Update on Selected Topics 2002
NIH Guide Using the TOC Notification LISTSERV Service
NSW Health - Multicultural Health Communication Service Home Page
Nursing Humor Rude Doctors
Nutri-System® - Welcome Warren
Nutrition Breakthrough NutriScan Nutritional Testing..
Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation Miscellaneous Information
Occam's Razor
ORNL Review Vol. 36, No. 1, 2003 - Photosynthesis - Finding the Light
OT Direct Disability Equipment Suppliers
OXARC Pricing Information
Paraffin Bath Units - Kees Goebel Medical Specialties, Inc.
PCCU Lesson 1, Volume 14 - Hepatopulmonary Syndrome
PDA clinical reference works
PDA cortex The Journal of Mobile Informatics
Permanent Magnets, Poles, Gauss, Tesla and the Earth
PFT Predicted Values
Pharmaceutical Company Links
Physician's News Digest Discussion Forum
Pinellas Habitat for Humanity
Poisonous Plants Oleander (Nerium oleander)
President`s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health
Prevention and management of hip fracture in older people. A national clinical guideline. [NGC2410]
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