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    This Vintage Western Electric 640AA microphone is offered with the RA-1095 Amplifier. This is a fairly rare microphone which doesn't come to auction with much frequency. The frequency response of the 640AA is flat (with a boost above 5000hz) and exceptional. WE inttroduced this mike in 1946 and it was directed at 2 markets; the laboratory for acoustic engineers and for studio/broadcasting applications. It was considered "ultra-reliable" across a broad range of temperatures and pressures and the 640AA was quite sensitive. Thus it was appropriate for scientific testing, but also best suited to large auditoriums and studios. "Another ideal application for use as a cast microphone in broadcast stations and motion picture studios." This is a high quality, small diaphragm condenser and at that time, it was state of the art. Mile Davis has been pictured recording with the 640AA. The prototypical 640AAX with an RA-1095 AX amplifier was introduced after the 640AA and sold to Altec but the project was discontinues and WE eventually sold it calibration microphone division to Brel Kjaer.  Jim Webb included the 640AA as one of twelve microphones that made history

    This mike is in good condition but is untested. It has been modified and there is an Amphenol plug on the bottom with the power cord [see pictures].  it requires 200 volts-direct current . The cylindrical / conical housing is all metal and made of brass. Some of these mics were released with a black finish for use on television as the reflective metalic housing interferred with filming. A copy of a reprint of the manual is included.


The vintage stand (stepped base is 5 inches in diameter) is  included. The 640AA usually is hung with a shock mount. In this case, a standard screw mount for a stand was added.




    The condition of this item is:

      Tested   Rusted Threads Worn   Screws Missing Been Dropped Smoke Free    Very Rare Vintage   This has been modified


    The accessories for this item are:

      Stand Included


    The specfications of this item are:

      Omni Condenser

      Frequency: flat between 20hz and 20000hz with boost above 5000hz
      High Impedance 50-60 mmf
      Maximum Sound Pressure Level:
      Very high
      Weight and Height:
      1.5 oz; 1 inch diameter, 1 inch long. With the RA 1095 it is about 1.75 pounds and 7.5 inches long and 2.5 inch diameter at the base.
      Small Diaphram Condenser
      382A vacuum tube with "familiar door knob type"
      Year Manufactured:
      19.5 db below 1 volt



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