Speaking Chinese English Dictionary

by Warren S. Goff, D.O.

May 18, 2005

This language tool is released as Freeware.   It may be useful to both English and Chinese speaking students as the program will pronounce terms in both Chinese and English.  You may adjust the speed of playback as well as the volume.   Many of the Pinyin pronunciations are both machine and real voice audio.

A Tabbed-View option has been added and one may switch between Tabbed and Un-tabbed.

These are the English words in Zhang1 Ju1 Li's Pinyin Dictionary.   Please note that part of Juli's dictionary is a proposal for a new pronunciation of Chinese Pinyin as well.  Selecting a word from this combobox searches Zhang's dictionary (Yellow box) and Paul Denisowski's CEDICT (Chinese-English Dictionary) Project (Pink box).

This will display Zhang's full Pinyin dictionary with links to his site.

This combobox contains all (2217) Pinyin words (tones 1-5).   Selecting the Pinyin displays all of the Simplified Chinese Characters for each (this is the difficulty in converting Pinyin to Chinese characters although I am working on a partial utility to do this.)   If you select the Chinese character in the pink box by left clicking, dragging and releasing, The word will be pronounced using Microsoft's SAPI 5.1 library which must be installed.   (See help file)   Likewise, selecting Simplified Chinese characters or English will result in pronunciation in the large pink box (CEDICT) as well.

You may search both dictionaries for all occurrences of the term.   I've updated this search mechanism recently (5-20-05)

This attempts a transliteration of the Pinyin.   The ? shows you the rules.  There are some errors here which I will hopefully be able to fix.

This is a browser window.   It is displayed by selecting "Pinyin Dictionary".   It displays  Zhang's full Pinyin dictionary with links to his site, when selected.   The help files also displays here.   You can go back and forward, while home displays the dictionary.

The first time one selects General Links, the program will prompt you to install the links shortcuts.   This defaults to extract to "c:\1down\Program Files\PinYinDict\Links\" and I have removed the option to install the program to a directory of your choice.   If this is a problem, please, let me know.

Select a link by double clicking and it is opened in the default browser.


You can now translate any webpage in both directions, Chinese/English using Systran at http://babel.altavista.com/ :

I can add an option to install this feature as a Toolbar in Internet Explorer, if so desired.

Download the Complete Program (2 MB):

Download only the executable (57 KB):

This file needs to be extracted to the installation directory and overwrite the existing file