Russian-EnglishPhonetic Literal Pronunciations & Dictionaries



Most of the action of this program occurs here in the taskbar.  

 It starts as the default "Off" with Merlin hidden to the right..

Left click Off and it becomes On and Merlin pops up and speaks what's in the clipboard. Copy this to the clipboard and see.


The idea here is that you may be searching the web and come across some russian that you may want to learn.  You may play with anything you would like.   There are no guarantees at present as I am really no longer working on this.   This program is fully open source, of course, of course:

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Right Click On or Off and this menu next presents itself.

If you select Read Options and Word Lists, Merlin will read first an English word in English and a Russian word in Russian (hopefully as you may change the language manually as well.   The default is the "clipboard" as merlin will read anything in the clipboard as well.   Therefore be cautious using this program with others also using the clipboard.

If Merlin doesn't start talking when you expect him to, try closing him and re-opening by left clicking On and Off,

You have an extensive choice of lists, words, idioms and phrases to read and learn from.

The Dictionary attempts to give you a bi-directional translation of anything and it may be buggy.   I am willing to try to help if it screws with you.

There is also a bi-directional phonetic pronunciation system with memorialized rules Russian-English.

This is the Dictionary Mode

This is a Russian pronunciation of English in Russian.   Merlins speaks for you as well.

This is an English pronunciation of the Russian, phonetically.

This is imperfect and rather buggy, I believe.   If it bugs you a lot, let me know and I'll try to fix what ails it.

The following graphics are screen shots and explanations follow.