The moose is a marvelolous creature
    What a piece of work
    What a piece of Moose is man
    He lies down in green pastures
    Eating the water-logged grass
    Swimming  along with me
    Out on a deep, dark lake
    Against the current
    Rambling rumbling of a river
    Majestic and just plain silly looking
    I mean, what a goof ball that
    Moose and squirrel
    'Hey, Rock?
    Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!
    Oops, wrong hat!'
    Did you know that
    A moose nose is an incredibly complex
    Valvular structure allowing said moose
    To eat under water
    Moose nose is a delicacy
    In the tundra and as usual in China
    I would like to believe
    To believe that I was one day
    A moose.
    Or I will someday get to share
    The spirit of a moose
    Or better yet, soar with the bird.



Dr. Moose

Morose Moose







Bullwinkle Moose


Chief Moose


Bill Moose


Bull Moose



      "If a moose should choose to lose his nose,
      If he does this, I suppose
      He would get morose.
      A nose  has use for a moose on the loose:
      It's his nose he would use when close to a rose,
      For roses aren't food a loose moose would choose
      (Whose moose would choose a dose of  rose?)"
      etc. etc., approx. 165 stanzas
      : (corrected by wsgdo)