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The Lustraphone Vintage Ribbon Microphone is titled the Pencil Ribbon Mic, "Ribbonette", Model: VR.64, High Impedance, circa 1950-1960's. It weighs but 1 lb 5.3 oz  and stands 7 inch in height with a  4 inch diameter base. This velocity, pressure-gradient mic exhibits a figure-eight directional polar pattern.  It is quite sensitive and has a flat frequency response.

Lustraphone was a company producing consumer and pro-audio equipment in the 1950's until the early 1970's when they had financial problems and closed. They were well known and enjoyed a good reputation along side Reslo and Grampian in England.  Lustraphone was located in North London.  They were pioneers in the development of reel to reel tape recorders and audio amplifiers.  It is likely that their microphones were manufacturered by other companies. The VR.64 resembles a Cadenza ribbon while the LD.61 looks a like a Ronette B.110.  The designer of this mic was an Austrian, George Pontzen.

The VR.64 was tested on a small PA, without a microphone preamp, and it yielded as clear, clean signal reminiscent of a Reslo. I was surprised with the quality of the sound. As expected proximity effect was marked at close range as with most figure-eights. It was quite sensitive. The body of the mike is aluminum while the base is hard plastic.  The cable is an unbalanced 1/4 inch male. I've read that there is a transformer built in but I cannot verify this. I didn't disassemble it. The condition of the item is mint and as new although the Lustraphone label is spotty. It is all OEM and comes with it's original tattered box although I have no paper work.

The Ribbonette seems ideal for recording acoustic guitar as it is easily placed and has such a flat, broad frequency plot. It may be of interest for collectors of European microphones or for those interested in vintage reproduction.

    Price: $800.00 (obo)
    Sold on eBay: $210.27 (03-16-2007)

    The condition of this item is:

      Tested Functioning Restored Physical Restored Electrical Silk Damaged Rusted Threads Worn Cable Bad / Absent Screws Missing Dent Scratch Crack Been Dropped Smoke Free NOS Element Intact Mint Self Noise High Sounds Great Used on Drums Logo intact Very Rare Vintage   Never exposed to Phantom Power or Multimeter

      Pencil Ribbon Microphone "Ribbonette" . Similar to Cadenza models.  The mic is made of cased aluminum while the base stand is a hard plastic.


    The accessories for this item are:

      Stand Included OEM Cable Set (1/4 inch Plug)  Original Box OEM Boom Mount OEM Stand Inc (Plastic) 


    The specifications of this item are:

      Omni Figure Eight Cardioid Hypercardioid Dynamic Condenser Ribbon/Velocity Crystal-Piezo Ceramic Carbon

      Frequency: 50 to 13000 hz (Flat)
      600 ohms
      Weight and Height:
      1 lb 5.3 oz ; 7 in Height x 4 in Diameter Base
      Ribbon--Velocity--Pressure Gradient
      Year Manufactured:
      Late 1950s to Early 1960s Made in England
      8.93 GBP in 1966


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