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Offered for consideration is one Ducati, Art Deco Microphone.  This was made by Ducati in the 1940's, prior to their specialization in motorcycles.  The item is quite heavy for it's size as it possesses a large dynamic element which alone weighs 1.65 pounds.   This model was designed for an intercom as evidenced by the multiple switches on the front.  They function properly as switches but the operation of the mikrofon itself could not be assessed or verified as there is no cabling.  The Bakelite housing is in excellent shape and still has its shine.  The capsule displayed in the pictures below is from an identical microfono as the present item was not disassembled.

In my experience, these mikrofoons are quite rare as not many were made and the Bakelite housing is quite fragile.  What contributes to the value of my mike is the almost pristine condition of the housing and the absence of chips or cracks.  This item will be packed carefully and as always, double boxed.  I actually have a few of these microphons, some of which will be offered in the future.  In addition I have extra elements and partial housings available.

    Price: $650.00 (obo)

    The condition of this item is:

      Tested Cable Absent   Dent Scratch Crack Been Dropped Smoke Free   Element Intact   Logo intact Very Rare Vintage

      This is a Vintage Ducati, Bakelite, oblong, bullet and dynamic Microphone. It is very Art Deco and in good shape without cracks or blemishes. It is untested as there is no lead.


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    The specifications of this item are:

      Weight and Height:  ~5 x 4 inches and 2.21 pounds
      Year Manufactured:  


    Postal Policy:

      The only postal option offered is the United States Postal Service.   Insurance is highly recommended.  I will assist you on any needed. insurance claims but I cannot be responsible for lost or damaged uninsured items.

      International buyers may contact microphones-r-us for shipping.  International postage will likewise be provided solely by the USPS but surface mail options are not provided as the delay in delivery often results in disputes and anxiety on both ends.


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      No Excessive Negative Feedback.  No unverified PayPal buyers.  Non-verified buyers will be required to pay by Money Order or other agreed upon payment method. I reserve the right to cancel any bids for any reason. Email for questions and/or customized transactions.