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Offered for consideration is one rare Vintage German Bakelite Carbon Microphone transmitter with auxilliary battery compartment.   This mikrofon may have been part of a transmitting or recording set.  I have no further information about it and what I have suggested is pure conjecture.   I have never seen another one of these anywhere.  It was purchased from a dealer in Australia who likewise knew nothing about it.

The item is in incredible condition as it is a combination of Bakelite and metal.  The spring suspension for the mike is perfect. The hinges function optimally and the top crisply snaps shut.  There is no discernable rust.  The bakelite is lusterous and shiny after I cleaned it.  The function of the item was not assessed.  I have no cables for this unit nor do I have the proper batteries or auxiliary power.

This item displays nicely and would compliment any vintage.



    The condition of this item is:

      Tested   Silk Damaged Rusted Threads Worn Cable Absent Screws Missing Dent Scratch Crack Been Dropped Smoke Free Very Rare Vintage


    The accessories for this item are:



    The specfications of this item are:


      Year Manufactured:  1920's ? in Germany


    Postal Policy:

      The only postal option offered is the United States Postal Service.   Insurance is highly recommended.  I will assist you on any needed. insurance claims but I cannot be responsible for lost or damaged uninsured items.

      International buyers may contact microphones-r-us for shipping.  International postage will likewise be provided solely by the USPS but surface mail options are not provided as the delay in delivery often results in disputes and anxiety on both ends.


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      No Excessive Negative Feedback.  No unverified PayPal buyers.  Non-verified buyers will be required to pay by Money Order or other agreed upon payment method. I reserve the right to cancel any bids for any reason. Email for questions and/or customized transactions.